Heading along the Caledonian Canal. Fine example of concentration - or posing, not quite sure which!

On towards Laggan Locks and Loch Lochy.

An early start from Laggan ensured we made the first lock down Neptunes Staircase.

Even our guests Nino and Nicola are roped in on the locks.

Heading down Loch Linnie towards Loch Aline, our stop for the first night.

A wee snooze, and why not!

Berthed on the hammerhead at Tobermory. The famous Tobermory coloured buildings as a backdrop.

For the majority of the time the weather stayed fine, just a little chilly in the evenings.

We met up with some friends from the Royal Highland Yacht Club, here taking advantage of the great fish and chips from the van on the pier.

Nicola enjoying a glass of wine in a festival plastic 'glass' at the Mishnish.

We berthed for three nights and thoroughly enjoyed the stay, so much so the I didn't get any more photos of the event so here's another of Tobermory on the morning we left for Corpach.

On our way back, Nino catching up on the news.

Nino and Nicola being ever useful taking Archie for a walk at Corpach, back in the Caledonian Canal.

Tied up alongside at Corpach with a fishing boat from Amble behind.

Nino and Nicola, one for the album.

Going back up Neptunes Staircase it was very cold, wet and windy. Debbi all dressed up in warm gear.

Just as if we'd arranged it, the 'Harry Potter' train departing Fort William on its way to Mallaig going across the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct on its way there.

Told you it was cold and wet!

Heading into Loch Lochy, snow showers in the distance heading towards us.......

Leaving white capped hills as it passes.

Back at Laggan. It really was four seasons in one day. This photo of snow and sunshine....

A few days later the weather had turned completely. This photo taken by Keith, our neighbour on his barge Valiant.




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