Leaving Loch Lochy mooring.

A fantastic morning for a slow run down the Loch heading west towards Loch Linnhe.

Sometimes the photos don't do the atmosphere justice. It really is beautiful.

Once down Neptunes Staircase, we had to wait for a few hours for the tide at Corpach. It gave us time to to replenish our water tanks and nip to the shop for some ice lollies....

We stopped at Cuil Bay, just south of Loch Leven, on anchor for the evening. Not a breath of wind and quite warm too.

Watching the sun go down at Cuil Bay.

Joined by my brother Andy and partner Tracy, we set off south for Loch Sween and the Fairy Isles. This wasn't our initial planned route but the prevailing weather meant we had to change from heading west to south and the shelter of the inner Hebrides.

Tayvallich. Always a nice place to visit.

Tracy at Carsaig Bay. It was sunny but very breezy.

Carsaig Bay with Jura in the background.

It was still warm enough for the odd ice cream.

And there's always time to relax with a good read.

A quick roll-up whilst surveying the views.

We took had a look into the Corryvrekin whirlpool although it was better when we took a trip there in a RIB later the same day.

My turn for an ice-cream with Archie trying for a sneaky lick.

Aboard the RIB for a 2hr excursion to the Corryvrekin and surrounding area. Great fun.

We also visited the bay with seal colony that earlier in the day we had anchored in ourselves.

Back in Kerrera. The rain albeit a pest was much welcomed by the Islanders to top up the springs.

Andy and Tracy heading back to the mainland and homewards.

Heading back into the Caledonian Canal, some lovely sights.

And secured on the mooring.




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